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1. The materials of the wooden door are solid wood board style, reinforced board style, (thickness 8mm, filled with wooden frame tempered board), door leaf thickness 40-45mm; hinge is 3mm precision cast hinge, ordinary copper lock cylinder, simple door handle, Silent windproof door strips are adopted;

2. Suitable for indoor door installation, suitable for any country, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, Europe, America, and Africa, with modern style, European and American style, Nordic style, retro style, simple style, and other styles, wooden doors let you have a warm feeling sense of home;

3. The wooden door adopts high-end door paint. The door surface is polished and painted by hand for many times and then dried naturally to ensure that the wooden door texture is fine or smooth. After the surface is completed, locks, hinges, and door frames are assembled. According to multiple anti-theft tests, the wooden door is graded A, B, C, D;

4. Wooden door paint is environmentally friendly, scratch-resistant, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, and anti-oxidation, and does not peel off the paint. It has artistic beauty and a noise-reduction effect. It adopts the principle of magnetic opening and closing to reduce the collision between the deadbolt and the door frame, and the mute strip blocks the sound. The transmission track allows you to enjoy a quiet and comfortable home; the hidden lock tongue reduces the sound of physical impact, and at the same time reduces scratches on clothes, avoiding the hands of family members, giving you peace of mind while enjoying a quiet home;

5. The solid wood door is moisture-proof, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and impact-resistant. The solid wood is filled with anti-deformation. It can be used for lines, carvings, and inlaid metal lines. Different aesthetic designs present different styles and styles, advanced design concepts, and a sense of fashion. The material of the wooden door determines the weight of the door, any style and size can be customized;

6. The innermost layer of the transportation package is a bubble bag, and the outer layer is packed in a carton to avoid violent collisions and ensure that it is transported to the customer in good condition.


1. The door plate adopts natural solid wood, clear surface texture, moisture-proof and abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean;

2. High rebound sealing tape design is adopted between the door cover and the door fan, a small extrusion gap, and a sound insulation effect is strong;

3. The hand-carved lines are exquisite and smooth, with a variety of door panel colors for you to choose from;

4. The simple metal strip breaks with tradition, adding artistic beauty;

5. Mute the door lock, free to open the door;

6. Door Paint Health and environmental protection, install immediately, and live immediately.

Custom Make Interior Door

ZOYIMA mainly manufacture German-style forged glass iron doors, European-style pivot doors, cast aluminum doors, steel anti-theft doors, fire doors, stainless steel doors, bathroom doors, wooden doors, etc.

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We have six private customized door factories and many accessories factories, and we also have our international trade department, which we produce and sell ourselves.

We have 10 new energy-saving and environmentally friendly interior door production lines, including spraying primers and topcoats, with an annual production capacity of 800,000 sets of safety doors.

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Industry Knowledge Extension About Wooden Doors

Difference Comparison Between Wooden Door And WPC Door

There are several major differences between wooden doors and WPC doors, let's compare:

1. Material composition: wooden doors are made of solid wood or multi-layer boards, usually using natural wood, such as oak, pine, etc. WPC doors are made from wood-plastic composite, which combines a combination of wood fibers and plastic. The wood fiber can be wood powder, sawdust or bamboo powder, etc., and the plastic is usually polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.

2. Water resistance: WPC doors perform better in terms of water resistance. Due to the addition of plastic, WPC doors are more resistant to moisture, humid environments and decay, and are less likely to be deformed or damp than wooden doors.

3. Durability and maintenance: WPC doors have good durability and low maintenance requirements. They are not susceptible to moth, rot or wear, and do not require frequent paint or coating maintenance. In contrast, wooden doors may require more maintenance, such as regular painting, insect repellent treatment, etc.

4. Plasticity and appearance: Due to the plasticity of wood-plastic composite materials, the appearance and design of WPC doors are more flexible and diverse. WPC doors can simulate the grain and color of wood, while other textures and modern designs are also available. Wooden doors retain the warmth and texture of natural wood, making them more attractive to those who prefer traditional or natural styles.

5. Environmental protection: Compared with wooden doors, WPC doors have more advantages in environmental protection. They use recycled materials and reduce the need for natural wood. In addition, WPC doors can be recycled and reused, which helps to reduce environmental pollution.

6. Price: Generally speaking, WPC doors are relatively economical and cheaper than wooden doors. This is due in part to differences in material costs and manufacturing processes used.

Therefore, choosing a wooden door or a WPC door depends on individual needs and preferences. If you value the natural texture, traditional look, and beauty of real wood, wooden doors may be a better fit. If you want better water resistance, durability and low maintenance needs, as well as more flexible design options, WPC doors may be the better choice.

What Is The Production Process Of Wooden Door?

The production process of wooden doors usually includes the following steps:

1. Design and planning: According to the customer's needs and design requirements, formulate the design scheme and specifications of the wooden door. Determine the door size, shape, style, opening method, and additional features required (such as glass windows, decorative carvings, etc.).

2. Material preparation: choose suitable wood for production. Common woods include oak, pine, birch, etc. The logs are debarked, sawn and dried to ensure the quality and stability of the wood.

3. Make the door frame: Make the door frame according to the design plan. Door frames usually consist of beams and columns, which are cut, trimmed and assembled using carpentry tools and machines to ensure the frame's stability and precision.

4. Make the door leaf: According to the size and design of the door, make the door leaf. The wood is cut, trimmed and assembled to form the planar structure of the door. The interior of the door leaf can be filled with sound-insulating or heat-insulating materials to improve sound-insulating performance or thermal energy effect.

5. Surface treatment and decoration: Treat and decorate the outer surface of the door. This includes sanding, varnishing, painting, marquetry and other decorative techniques. According to customer requirements, different coating and decoration techniques can be used to increase the aesthetics and durability of the door.

6. Install hardware and accessories: Install door hardware and accessories, such as door locks, door handles, hinges, etc. Make sure these parts fit perfectly with the frame and leaf for good opening and closing function.

7. Quality inspection and adjustment: Quality inspection of the finished wooden door. Check the door for size, flatness, quality of fit and finish. If necessary, adjustments and corrections are made to ensure that the quality of the door meets the standards and requirements of the customer.

8. Packaging and delivery: The finished wooden door is properly packaged to ensure it is not damaged during transportation. According to the customer's requirements, arrange the delivery and installation of wooden doors.

ZOYIMA Door Global Market

Our doors are mainly exported to North America, South America, Oceania, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and other continents.

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ZHEJIANG FUDAI INDUSTRIAL & TRADING CO., LTD is professional Wooden WPC Door Manufacturer and Melamine Wooden Door Supplier in China. Company established in 1995, is a group of companies integrating R&D, manufacture and sales of door industry. We have export brand ZOYIMA, domestic sales brands: Fudai, modern, Badaju, Delphi, Gust, etc. We are committed to the production of various doors: Wrought Iron Doors, Europe off-axis Armoured steel doors, Real bullet proof doors, cast aluminum doors, steel security doors, fire-proof steel doors, stainless steel doors, aluminum toilet doors, wooden doors, etc.

The company covers an area of 210,000 square meters, with more than 3,000 employees, including more than 150 senior and middle-level administrators, engineering and technical (design and development) personnel. The company has always adhered to a market-oriented approach, independently developed multiple distinctive products with multiple patents, and introduced internationally advanced mechanical flow sound field equipment, with the ability to produce 1 million high-end safety doors annually. Welcome to visit our Wooden Door Company. We OEM/ODM and custom make Wooden Doors for sale over 25 years.

The company has always adhered to the corporate spirit of "revitalizing enterprises through technology, pursuing excellence, people-oriented, and harmonious development", grasping the world market, continuously strengthening technological innovation, increasing infrastructure investment, and introducing and cultivating technology-based talents. It has established a professional enterprise planning department and product research and development team; After more than ten years of arduous efforts, we have successively passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality management system, obtained CE and GMC certificates, and were awarded the "China Famous Trademark" and "China Environmental Certification" in 2009; In 2011, it was awarded the title of "Famous Trademark of Jinhua City". The "Fudai" brand stands out in fierce market competition, and its products have won the favor of a large number of customers; Currently, we have established stable sales network groups in China, Europe, the Americas, Africa, Oceania, Asia, the Middle East, and other regions.

Fudai Group is striding forward along the track of global market development, and the enterprise will continuously innovate while stabilizing the quality of classic products. Fudai people will always adhere to the eternal theme of relying on technology, market-oriented, and quality for Eternity, and strive to provide customers with better products and services. Fudai people sincerely looks forward to working with our customers to seek development and create brilliance together.



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