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1. The materials that can be produced for European-style pivot doors include: cast aluminum plate carved style (4-12mm thickness), iron plate carved style (1.2-3MM thickness), log style (6mm thickness), ordinary iron and aluminum embossed style (1-2MM thickness), Laminam slate imported from Italy can be selected; 10MM double-layer tempered glass can be used as an auxiliary door; the hinge is 3MM precision-cast hinge, and the handle can be zinc alloy handle, aluminum alloy handle, stainless steel natural color or black 40- 120MM length handle; D-level lock cylinder; one-piece lock body; selected polyamide PA66 heat insulation strip;
2. Suitable for installation in any scene, suitable for any country, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, Europe, America, and Africa, its function is to widen the size of the light entering the house, suitable for customers of any size to freely enter and exit, and also suitable for all kinds of furniture handling, do not need to disassemble the door leaf; it can make the indoor life the same as the outdoor scenery, which is a choice for a higher quality of life. The super-large field of view and 360° rotation can make people experience a full sense of a homecoming ceremony, one door, and one scene, and the architectural style is unified;
3. After the customer decides on the style and material, start to produce the splicing process for the door. The inner steel structure door core panel frame, the outer structure aluminum plate or solid wood plate or iron carved plate are inlaid and spliced, and the surface is hand-painted 4 times with Japanese high-end paint and dried naturally Paint again to ensure the color and luster and super silky feel; complete the surface and then assemble various accessories lock glass partial bearings, strictly inspect the surface and durability 7 times; pass 500 tests of the fixed assembly frame switch; the surface is scratch-resistant, impact resistance, structural impact resistance; metal materials have high-temperature resistance;
4. Smooth opening and closing feel, return to the original artistic conception, find the balance between function and aesthetics, deduce the extraordinary and unique personality, and give people a kind of aesthetic feeling that reaches the heart. Multiple seals, sound insulation and noise reduction, system drainage design, leak-proof and block-proof, in the fast-paced life, enjoy peace of mind and taste a kind of purity. The service life is dozens of years, all of which are made of environmentally friendly wood and paint, no pollution; easy to install;
5. Considering the 360-degree rotation of the off-axis door, there is a more modern design sense after opening, so it is very popular with many owners who chase fashion and trends. The design concepts imported from Belgium and Italy have a sense of fashion, and the transparency of the glass can show the advantages of a particularly spacious home. Customers provide unique hand-made design drawings that are simple or complex. Our company provides various materials for reference and fits into the design style of each family; cast aluminum plate carved style, iron plate carved style, log style, ordinary iron sheet aluminum embossed style Italy Imported Laminam slabs are free for customers to choose from; the material determines the weight of the door, and any size can be customized; accessories can use Chinese hinges and bearings with super cost-effectiveness, or high-performance and high-load-bearing German eccentric bearings and hardware, permanent and durable; one-piece lock body is more smooth and durable;
6. The innermost layer of 12MM waterproof and anti-scratch pearl cotton is first packed compactly and then packed in wooden boxes outside, each closed iron sheet to avoid product crushing; ensure safe and undamaged transportation to customers.

Custom Make Interior Door

ZOYIMA mainly manufacture German-style forged glass iron doors, European-style pivot doors, cast aluminum doors, steel anti-theft doors, fire doors, stainless steel doors, bathroom doors, wooden doors, etc.

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We have six private customized door factories and many accessories factories, and we also have our international trade department, which we produce and sell ourselves.

We have 10 new energy-saving and environmentally friendly interior door production lines, including spraying primers and topcoats, with an annual production capacity of 800,000 sets of safety doors.

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Industry Knowledge Extension About Europe Pivot Doors

What Are Europe Pivot Doors And Why Are They Becoming Increasingly Popular In The Construction Industry?

1. Aesthetic appeal: Europe pivot doors have a sleek and modern look that has made them a popular choice for contemporary properties. The pivot hinge system allows the door to have a smooth and seamless appearance, which can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.

2. Versatility: Europe pivot doors can be used in a variety of settings, from entryways and interior spaces to shower enclosures and room dividers. This versatility makes them a popular choice for architects and designers who want to create a cohesive and functional space.

3. Improved functionality: The pivot hinge system allows Europe pivot doors to open wider than traditional doors, which can be beneficial in spaces with limited clearance or for individuals with mobility issues. This improved functionality has made them a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties.

4. Energy efficiency: Europe pivot doors can also improve energy efficiency by reducing the amount of air transfer between spaces. The pivot hinge system creates a tight seal around the door, which can help to regulate the temperature and reduce heating and cooling costs.

5. Durability: Europe pivot doors are designed to be durable and long-lasting. The pivot hinge system is engineered to handle heavy use and can withstand the test of time. This makes them an excellent investment for property owners who want a door that can last for years to come.

6. Security: Europe pivot doors can also improve security. The pivot hinge system makes it difficult to force the door open, and many models are equipped with high-security locks and other security features.

What Factors Should Property Owners Consider When Choosing Pivot Front Door For Their Property?

When choosing a pivot front door for their property, property owners should consider several factors to ensure they make the right choice. Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Style and Design: The pivot front door should complement the overall architectural style and design of the property. Consider the aesthetics, such as the shape, material, and finish, to ensure the door enhances the visual appeal of the property.

2. Size and Proportion: The size of the door should be proportionate to the entrance and the scale of the building. It should neither be too small to go unnoticed nor too large to overpower the entrance.

3. Material: Choose a material that suits the climate conditions and provides the desired level of security and durability. Common materials for pivot doors include wood, steel, fiberglass, and aluminum, each with its own advantages and aesthetic appeal.

4. Security: Security is a crucial factor to consider. Ensure that the pivot door has robust locking mechanisms and features that enhance the overall security of the property.

5. Energy Efficiency: Consider the door's energy efficiency to prevent heat loss or gain. Look for doors with proper insulation and weather-stripping to minimize energy costs and improve comfort inside the property.

6. Maintenance: Evaluate the maintenance requirements of the door material. Some materials may require regular upkeep, such as refinishing or repainting, while others may be more low-maintenance.

7. Accessibility: Consider the ease of use and accessibility of the door, especially if there are elderly or disabled individuals residing in or visiting the property. Ensure the door is designed to accommodate any necessary accessibility features.

By carefully considering these factors, property owners can select a pivot front door that not only meets their functional requirements but also enhances the aesthetics and value of their property.

ZOYIMA Door Global Market

Our doors are mainly exported to North America, South America, Oceania, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and other continents.

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About Fudai / ABOUT

ZHEJIANG FUDAI INDUSTRIAL & TRADING CO., LTD is professional OEM Pivot Door Company and Custom Metal Pivot Door Company in China. Company established in 1995, is a group of companies integrating R&D, manufacture and sales of door industry. We have export brand ZOYIMA, domestic sales brands: Fudai, modern, Badaju, Delphi, Gust, etc. We are committed to the production of various doors: Wrought Iron Doors, Europe off-axis Armoured steel doors, Real bullet proof doors, cast aluminum doors, steel security doors, fire-proof steel doors, stainless steel doors, aluminum toilet doors, wooden doors, etc.

The company covers an area of 210,000 square meters, with more than 3,000 employees, including more than 150 senior and middle-level administrators, engineering and technical (design and development) personnel. The company has always adhered to a market-oriented approach, independently developed multiple distinctive products with multiple patents, and introduced internationally advanced mechanical flow sound field equipment, with the ability to produce 1 million high-end safety doors annually. Welcome to visit our Europe Pivot Doors Company. We OEM/ODM and custom make Europe Pivot Doors for sale over 25 years.

The company has always adhered to the corporate spirit of "revitalizing enterprises through technology, pursuing excellence, people-oriented, and harmonious development", grasping the world market, continuously strengthening technological innovation, increasing infrastructure investment, and introducing and cultivating technology-based talents. It has established a professional enterprise planning department and product research and development team; After more than ten years of arduous efforts, we have successively passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality management system, obtained CE and GMC certificates, and were awarded the "China Famous Trademark" and "China Environmental Certification" in 2009; In 2011, it was awarded the title of "Famous Trademark of Jinhua City". The "Fudai" brand stands out in fierce market competition, and its products have won the favor of a large number of customers; Currently, we have established stable sales network groups in China, Europe, the Americas, Africa, Oceania, Asia, the Middle East, and other regions.

Fudai Group is striding forward along the track of global market development, and the enterprise will continuously innovate while stabilizing the quality of classic products. Fudai people will always adhere to the eternal theme of relying on technology, market-oriented, and quality for Eternity, and strive to provide customers with better products and services. Fudai people sincerely looks forward to working with our customers to seek development and create brilliance together.



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