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Aluminium-Alloy Kitchen Toilet Door Manufacturer

1. Aluminum-Alloy Toilet Doors are made of aluminum alloy frame and glass. The thickness of the door leaf is 40mm, and the thickness of the glass is 5MM. Ordinary transparent glass is optional. Tempered ordinary oil sand (single side). European tea gray glass. Super white Changhong, super white Oil sand. Fragrant pear glass. Super clear crystal. Porcelain silver gray. Silkscreen glass oil sand glass. Hardware standard door lock cylinder door handle (color black or silver);
2. It is suitable for installing kitchens, bathrooms, and balconies. The style is modern and simple. The middle class can be monochrome glass or carved glass, and various styles can be customized;
3. The aluminum alloy door is moisture-proof and waterproof, so there is no need to worry about moisture in the kitchen and bathroom. The aluminum alloy material is not easy to be affected by moisture, and the hollow double-layer glass is heat-insulated and impact-resistant, classic and durable, safe and not fragile;
4. Aluminum alloy has high hardness, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, strong waterproof, 8mm CCC certified tempered glass, strong impact resistance, and the parts will stick together in the case of fragmentation, avoiding danger; sound insulation and noise reduction, quiet Live, close the door, bid farewell to outdoor noise, and enjoy your comfortable life quietly;
5. The joints of the door leaf are reinforced with stainless steel corners, which can effectively prevent deformation caused by uneven force on the door due to uneven walls; hidden corners of the world, super load-bearing performance, classic and durable, hidden design, highlighting simple lines, generous and decent More durable; magnetic lock tongue, avoid a collision, open and close the door to eliminate noise interference, the surface is treated with special coating, smooth and comfortable to the touch;
6. Transport packaging: pearl cotton around and a layer of the waterproof protective film;
7. Aluminum alloy bathroom sliding door material can choose 2.0 2.5 3.0MM thickness; aluminum alloy swing door material can choose 0.8MM 1.0MM 1.2MM thickness;
8. Color classifications include: skin black, pure white, skin white, champagne gold, sand gray, Norwegian forest, ash, wood grain gray, Burmese rosewood, teak, deep sea blue, khaki brown;
9. The material width and thickness of the normal aluminum alloy sliding door frame is optional: 40*108mm 40*95mm 40*85MM 40*45mm 35*85MM 35*83mm 35*65MM 35*46MM 35*58MM 30*72MM 30*68MM; extremely narrow Side door frame width and thickness: 40*10mm 40*7mm 40*12mm 40*16mm 35*16mm 35*18mm; normal aluminum alloy swing door sill material width and thickness optional: 40*85MM 35*80MM 35*78MM 35*75MM 35* 65MM 35*50MM 30*75MM 30*72MM 30*68MM ; Extremely narrow door frame width and thickness: 40*10mm 40*16mm 35*16mm 35*18mm.

1. The door lock is resistant to oxidation and corrosion;
2. 45 ° jointing technology is smooth and firm;
3. Hinge smooth anti-deformation;
4. Use Hollow sound-proof glass;
5. Can be customized according to the required size;
6. Customizable decorative bars inside the glass make it more individualized and beautiful;
7. Extremely slim door width for a modern design.

Custom Make Interior Door

ZOYIMA mainly manufacture German-style forged glass iron doors, European-style pivot doors, cast aluminum doors, steel anti-theft doors, fire doors, stainless steel doors, bathroom doors, wooden doors, etc.

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We have six private customized door factories and many accessories factories, and we also have our international trade department, which we produce and sell ourselves.

We have 10 new energy-saving and environmentally friendly interior door production lines, including spraying primers and topcoats, with an annual production capacity of 800,000 sets of safety doors.

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Industry Knowledge Extension About Aluminum-Alloy Kitchen and Toilet Door

What Are The Outstanding Advantages Of Aluminum-Alloy Glass Door Compared With Ordinary Household Doors?

Aluminum-Alloy Glass Doors have the following outstanding advantages, compared with ordinary household doors:

1. Modern appearance: Aluminum-Alloy Glass Doors are usually designed in a modern and minimalist style, with a sleek, clean and sophisticated look. Its aluminum alloy frame is combined with glass to create a transparent, bright effect that provides greater natural light and a sense of space to the interior.

2. Lightweight and strong: Compared with traditional wooden or solid doors, aluminum alloy glass doors are lighter and lighter, but still have excellent strength and durability. The aluminum alloy material has excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and can withstand various climatic conditions and daily use.

3. Durability and easy maintenance: Aluminum alloy glass doors are not prone to corrosion, fading or deformation, and can maintain good appearance and performance for a long time. Cleaning and maintenance are also relatively simple, usually just using a mild detergent and a soft cloth to wipe.

4. Safety: Aluminum alloy glass doors usually use tempered glass, which can provide good safety performance. Tempered glass has high impact resistance, and it is not easy to break even if it is hit by an external force, thereby reducing the risk of accidental injury.

5. Good sound insulation performance: the aluminum alloy glass door can provide sound insulation effect to a certain extent and reduce the transmission of indoor and outdoor noise. They can help create a more peaceful and comfortable living environment.

6. Customizability: Aluminum alloy glass doors are highly customizable and can be designed according to personal preferences and needs. Different glass types (e.g. single, double, laminated glass, etc.) and aluminum frame colours, shapes and design details can be selected for individual door designs.

7. Environmental protection: Aluminum alloy is a renewable material with low energy consumption and environmental impact. Recycling and reusing aluminum materials helps reduce resource consumption and waste generation, and is environmentally friendly.

Generally speaking, compared with ordinary household doors, aluminum alloy glass doors have outstanding advantages such as modern appearance, light and strong, durable and easy to maintain, good safety, superior sound insulation performance, high customizability and good environmental protection. This makes aluminum glass doors an ideal choice for many homes, commercial establishments, and offices alike.

How To Clean And Maintain Aluminum-Alloy Kitchen And Toilet Door?

Cleaning and maintaining aluminum alloy kitchen and bathroom doors is very simple. Here are some suggestions for cleaning and maintaining aluminum doors:

1. Cleaning frequency: Clean the aluminum alloy door regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt and grease. The specific cleaning frequency can be determined according to the usage and environment, usually a thorough cleaning once a month is sufficient.

2. Mild detergent: Use a mild detergent and a soft cloth for cleaning. Avoid acidic or caustic cleaners that can damage the finish of the door. Mild soapy water or mild detergents are better choices. Dilute the cleaner in warm water, then dampen a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the door.

3. Cleaning process: First, gently wipe the surface of the aluminum alloy door with a damp cloth or sponge to remove dust and debris. Next, wipe the surface of the door with a cleaner. You can use a soft brush to gently scrub the edges and hidden areas of the door. Finally, wipe the surface of the door with a clean damp cloth to remove any residual cleaner, and dry the door with a dry cloth.

4. Avoid scratches and impacts: During the cleaning process, avoid using sharp or hard cleaning tools to avoid scratching or damaging the surface of the aluminum alloy door. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or abrasive cloths.

5. Prevent water stains: After cleaning, dry the surface of the aluminum alloy door thoroughly with a dry cloth to prevent water stains from forming. Especially on the bathroom door, wipe off the water droplets on the door in time to avoid water stains leaving traces.

6. Maintenance of door hinges and fittings: Check door hinges and fittings regularly to ensure they are functioning properly. If any loose or damaged hinges or accessories are found, they should be repaired or replaced in time.

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Our doors are mainly exported to North America, South America, Oceania, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and other continents.

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ZHEJIANG FUDAI INDUSTRIAL & TRADING CO., LTD is professional Aluminium-Alloy Kitchen Toilet Door Manufacturer and Hot Sale Bathroom Aluminum Slide Door in China. Company established in 1995, is a group of companies integrating R&D, manufacture and sales of door industry. We have export brand ZOYIMA, domestic sales brands: Fudai, modern, Badaju, Delphi, Gust, etc. We are committed to the production of various doors: Wrought Iron Doors, Europe off-axis Armoured steel doors, Real bullet proof doors, cast aluminum doors, steel security doors, fire-proof steel doors, stainless steel doors, aluminum toilet doors, wooden doors, etc.

The company covers an area of 210,000 square meters, with more than 3,000 employees, including more than 150 senior and middle-level administrators, engineering and technical (design and development) personnel. The company has always adhered to a market-oriented approach, independently developed multiple distinctive products with multiple patents, and introduced internationally advanced mechanical flow sound field equipment, with the ability to produce 1 million high-end safety doors annually. Welcome to visit our Aluminum-Alloy Glass Door Company. We OEM/ODM and custom make Aluminum-Alloy Kitchen and Toilet Door for sale over 25 years.

The company has always adhered to the corporate spirit of "revitalizing enterprises through technology, pursuing excellence, people-oriented, and harmonious development", grasping the world market, continuously strengthening technological innovation, increasing infrastructure investment, and introducing and cultivating technology-based talents. It has established a professional enterprise planning department and product research and development team; After more than ten years of arduous efforts, we have successively passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality management system, obtained CE and GMC certificates, and were awarded the "China Famous Trademark" and "China Environmental Certification" in 2009; In 2011, it was awarded the title of "Famous Trademark of Jinhua City". The "Fudai" brand stands out in fierce market competition, and its products have won the favor of a large number of customers; Currently, we have established stable sales network groups in China, Europe, the Americas, Africa, Oceania, Asia, the Middle East, and other regions.

Fudai Group is striding forward along the track of global market development, and the enterprise will continuously innovate while stabilizing the quality of classic products. Fudai people will always adhere to the eternal theme of relying on technology, market-oriented, and quality for Eternity, and strive to provide customers with better products and services. Fudai people sincerely looks forward to working with our customers to seek development and create brilliance together.



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